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Mini & Maximus

Mini & Maxiumus is inspired by kids. Kids are curious, impulsive, in awe of the world around them, whimsical and funny. Awed by their ceaseless originality, courage and exuberance Mini & Maximus is inspired by the creative spirit. Compelled by the impulse to imagine, the ability to conceive and actualize, and the discoveries that occur within the process of creating.

Mini & Maximus wants your kids to be wearing the coolest t-shirt out on the playground and want to spark their creativity by offering fun and memorable poster art for their bedroom. They also want you to feel good about where you bought it, because they care about kids, care about our planet and care about originality. Mini & Maximus wants both your kids and our kids to enjoy this fascinating world while being responsible in regard of our planet.

Kids will have their say.