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Little Hip Squeaks

Little Hip Squeaks is an ultra-modern brand for ultra-modern babies, tots and kiddos. No little dancing frogs. No puffy clouds. Don’t be ashamed to say you dress your kid nicer when you take them to the play date. It’s okay, we all do. We all want our kid to look like the cool kid. Little Hip Squeaks is a collection of items to show off just how cool you AND your kid are.

All fabrics used for LHS are designed by our creative team and used exclusively for Little Hip Squeaks with urban families in mind. We work with another small business to hand-pull all of our designs using a non-toxic, water-based ink silk screening method on ultra white natural cotton. Our fabrics then make their way back to our Brooklyn cut and sew headquarters where it's whipped into everything in our collection using professional machines and methods. Everything from our fabric sourcing to our packaging happens in the USA, and we are proud to be a socially responsible brand.